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Recent Donations to the Library

We have had numerous people drop off books to put in our book sale. Stop in and fill a bag for two dollars! All proceeds go back into the library towards the purchase of new items to add to our colleciton.

The Ice Age Trail Allance recently donation a number of books about the Ice Age Trail along with a new Ice Age Trail Atlas.  We appreciate the donation and hope to see the books get lots of use in the future.

The library would like to thank Eleanor Jones, Jan Klager, and Grace Shipley for their monthly donations of money in memory of Abbie Jones. To date, over the past few years, their donations have made it possible for our library to add 509 items including adult and children's books, DVD's and CD's.  

Recently we have received monetary donations in memory of Grace Shipley from numerous people. The donations will be used to add books to our library. We would like to thank Eleanor Jones, Jeannett Klager, Don & Kathy Klager, Mary Klager Vinje, Ann Raid, Debra & Michael Christopherson, Gay Lindquist and Mary Oswalt.  We also received eleven books from our Amazon Wish List in memory of Grace Shipley and Abbie Jones donated by Douglas Sanders, Timothey Sanders, Stephanie Anthony, Anna Anthony and Katie Anthony.  We really appreciate all these donations. They greatly help us add to our collection.

The Friends of the Library recently received a donation from the estate of the late Helen Ewings. The donation will be used for special needs at the library in the future.

Nate Martell of Building Hope Realty of Eau Claire recently made a monetary donation to the library. When they sell a property in a local area, they give back to a nonprofit organization in that area. We would like to thank them for the donation to our library. It will be used towards our children's summer reading program and also for some new books!

Carole Mossette recently made a donation in memory of her uncle Eugene Chapman. Two books about bike trails in Wisconsin were added to our collection in his name.

We would like to thank the following people for recent donations of books, DVD’s or money to the library:

Brian Comeau, Bonnie Selmer, Mary Carlson, Tim Finces, Brenda Rahn, Lori Crabb, Sue White, Cheryl Bingham, Ryan Anderson, Margaret Hardinger, Shawn Durham, Vicki Christiansen, Robert Schroeder, Adam Johnson, Ann Whittet, Ed Weck, Betty Denison, Janice Bumgarner, Sue Dix, Linda Laird, Mary Hatleberg, Our Savior's Lutheran Church, Holy Cross Church, Cathy Baker, Carole Moussette, Jim Murphy. We appreciate all your donations and help!

If you or your organization would like to make a monetary donation to the library or the "Friends of the Library" group, you can do so by contacting the library.

Donations can be made in memory of someone for the purchase of a book or books. Donations can also be made for future needs of the library. We are always finding areas of need within the library and our inventory.

You may want to check out our Amazon wish list if you would like to make a purchase yourself.


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