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Recent Donations to the Library

We have had numerous people drop off books to put in our book sale. Stop in and fill a bag for two dollars! All proceeds go back into the library towards the purchase of new items to add to our colleciton. 

We have many people to thank for donations both of items that we put on our sale carts and also items that are added to our collection. Sometimes we don't get the names of those donating items. Please know that we appreciate all the donations and THANK YOU so much! 

The CHS class of 1960 made a donation in memory of Wayne Snow. The library also had two donations in memory of Gene Kadlec by Marilyn Moussette Wisner and Lorraine Hillebrand. Books will be purchased for our collection in their names.

Stewart Verhulst of Texas purchased many books and a DVD from our Amazon Wish List in memory of Larry Verhulst of Holcombe. We greatly appreciate the donation made memory of Mr. Verhulst.

The library had a donation from Pat and Ann Sime in memory of Hermie Turany.  The donation will be used for two crocheting book.

Tom and Charlotte Yohnk made a donation in memory of Jane Hurlburt which will be used for two knitting books. Carole Moussette made donations in memory of Gail Mittermeyer and Larry Rufledt. Books will be added to the library in their names. 

The library has had a number of donations in recent months.  We have used these donations to add to our Adult Audio book collection.  We would like to thank the following people for making these donations possible: James Nowak, Linda Boettcher, Sandra Ricker, the CHS Class of 1964 in memory of Dick Churchill, Dan Clark, Tom Lairy, Bob McMahon and Corrine Turany Yohnk, Carlole Moussette in memory of Myrtle Horihan, Don Murley and Gladys Hartzell and Douglas Carlson in memory of Alice McMenamin.  Douglas Carlson also made a donation in memory of Glayds Hartzell.  He requested it be used for a subscription to Wisconsin Histroical Magazine. Patrons can now find that available at the library.  The library truly appreciates all the donations that are made.  They definitely help us to add more items to our collections in areas that we may not normally be able to purchase additional items like Adult Audio books on CD.

We also received some donations in memory of Alice McMenamin from Carole Moussette and Douglas Carlson. Large print books were purchased in her name. Two donations were made by the Class of 1960 in memory of Edward Dewey Fitzpatrick and Jodeen Geer Kouba. A number of books relating to the outdoors and outdoor adventures were added in their names. Juelie Sires made a donation in memory of Robert Gehrke. A variety of books were purchased in his name in relation to art (painting and drawing) and also Indian artifacts.

The library often receives donations of used books, DVD’s and CD's. Most of these items are put on our sale carts and the proceeds from the sale of the items benefit our library. We would like to thank the following people for recent donations:

Kay Borton, Jim Murphy, Bonnie Selmer, Mary Hatleberg, Ken Parjko, Sonja Hakes, Ruth Jiskra, Larry Wagner, Dakota Walters, Beth Moyer, Renee McCann, and JoAnn Jackson.  We appreciate all your donations and help!

If you or your organization would like to make a monetary donation to the library or the "Friends of the Library" group, you can do so by contacting the library.

Donations can be made in memory of someone for the purchase of a book or books. Donations can also be made for future needs of the library. We are always finding areas of need within the library and our inventory.

You may want to check out our Amazon wish list if you would like to make a purchase yourself.

Continuing Donation

Over a number of years we have been receiving an ongoing donation on a monthly basis from several donors.  Eleanor Jones and Jan Klager along with Grace Shipley (now deceased) have donated to our library in memory of Abbie Jones.  Abbie Jones was a former teacher who volunteered at the Cornell Public Library decades ago.  We use their donations to add new items to our collection in a variety of areas including Large Print Books, Adult Audio Books and any areas we designate as in need of additional items.  Over the years we have added over 706 items to our collection with their help!  We appreciate what they have done for us in helping to build our collection with current items our patrons request.  When Grace Shipley died, we received addtional donations in her name.  Through the donations made in her memory we have added 56 books valuing around $800. We truly appreciate what they have done for our library!


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