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Library Policies for Circulation

  • New patrons are allowed to check out two items per visit or six items per visit for a family account. This is in effect until the patron's circulation record has been established.
  • The library staff may determine the number of checkouts a patron is allowed based on that patron's return record.
  • Books, audio books, and CD's have a three week circulation period.
  • Magazines, DVD's, NSP  meters and puppet kits have a one week circulation period.
  • New items (those in the library for two months or less) are not available for renewal.
  • All other items may be renewed once if no one else has that item on reserve.
  • You may call for a renewal at 715-239-3709.
  • Items on reserve will be held for three days after a patron has been notified it is available. If the item is not picked up after three days, it will go to the next person on the waiting list or back on the shelf.
  • We allow a two day grace period on returns.
  • Our circulation computer will start accruing fines on all items that have not been returned after that two day grace period has run out.
  • Adult books..................................................................................10 cents a day
  • Children's books............................................................................5 cents a day
  • Audio books, magazines, movies, NSP meters, puppet kits....25 cents a day
  • Patrons will be required to pay fines before new items may be checked out.
  • Patrons with ten dollars or more in fines will lose their computer privileges until their fines have been paid.
  • Patrons returning damaged library materials will be responsible for the replacement cost of the item or items.
  • Parents or guardians of children  under 18 years of age are responsible for items checked out to that minor child.
  • The library staff reserves the right to refuse service to any patrons who are not cooperating with the policy of the library.
  • Patrons who ignore requests for the return of library materials may be turned over to the police for theft.


Library Behavior Policies                               Smartphone

  • We are not a "quiet " library, however, we do expect patrons to respect others and act accordingly. 
  • Parents are required to keep on eye on their children and keep them under control. Running and shouting would not be considered appropriate library behavior.
  • Children playing with puzzles or toys should pick up after themselves before they leave the library.
  • We ask that our patrons and visitors consider others in the library and refrain from loud and disruptive behavior.
  • "Foul " language will not be tolerated in the library.
  • Any persons exhibiting inappropriate behavior or using foul language will be asked to leave the library.          
  • As a courtesy to others, please set your cell phones to vibrate. 
  • Any lengthy cell phone calls should be made and taken outside the library building.     
  • Policy and information about computers, WIFI, and the Internet can found under Computers and WIFI.     


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